The one at a time toy cabinet isn't just toy storage... its a brand new parenting aid!

This special toy storage cabinet will save you time, keep your child's playroom in order, avoid arguments with your children and help your children grow into well behaved youngsters.

Toy cabinet with child

These One at a Time toy cabinets are safe, have been tested with many children and are made in America from safe durable materials. They are the ideal furniture for kids room.

The design/decor is contemporary, made from beautiful solid American hardwoods and finished with natural shellac and bees wax to match your child's furniture decor - or painted in your choice of colors.

The unique patent-pending One at a Time feature is a bit hard to explain. It can best be seen in action in this short video:

Toy Cabinet with child

NEW - Electronic / Modular / Expandable!

Click here to visit our kickstarter project and help us bring these electronic toy cabinet modules to market!

What exactly did this video get you started thinking about?

  • The child is well mannered?
  • No constant picking up toys?
  • No clutter in the child's room?
  • Less work for the parents?
  • Fewer family conflicts about cleaning up toys?
  • Toy storage furniture helping the child!

Toy Cabinet with child


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Your observations with your own children tell you that kids don't play with more than 2 or 3 toys in an afternoon. They might hold many for a few seconds, then toss them aside. But they actually play with only a very few. Existing toy box plans almost insure that children take the toys all out.

Psychologists say the worst thing we can do for our children in kids furniture is to have a box or chest of toys in their playroom. As curiosity gets them started digging towards the unseen toys at the bottom they toss dozens of toys aside.

When they eventually get to the bottom they are frustrated they didn't find anything spectacular. And discarding all those toys each and every day convinces the child that these toys aren't worthwhile... after all they have thrown them aside dozens of times.

Is it any wonder we have children bored in the midst of plenty?

With the One at a Time Toy Storage Cabinet the child can see the choices of their favorite toys. They can go directly to the toy of interest and easily remove it from the cabinet. When they have tired of that toy for the day, it still has value to them in that they can "exchange" it for another toy.

SO this toy storage furniture AUTOMATICALLY avoids toy clutter in the playroom!

From the child's point of view, they are NEVER faced with picking up a dozen or more toys before dinner.

Imagine how many family arguments can be avoided with just this simple furniture?

Toy Cabinet with child


You can Show me the different designs, finishes and prices

But before you get too excited, this toy storage organizer can't do all the work by itself. Parents have to first create the environment for their children. The kids furniture is just one of many parenting choices. So why not make some of the fundamental improvements in your child's playroom RIGHT NOW?

Look at your child playing. Is there a mess most of the time? Are your kids often bored in the midst of plenty (of toys)?

If so, this web site is for you!

This web site shows what parents can do to be part of the solution, not creating problems.

This includes selecting kids furniture and toys that help the child, not tempting them to challenge you.

Sign up for our free e-zine and we will keep you posted on kids furniture, toy storage ideas, woodworking tips, parenting hints as well as keep you posted on our factory in South Carolina.

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Many of our visitors haven't heard of One at a Time Toy Cabinets before. Here is my response to a young mother that pretty much summarizes what you will find about kids furniture in this web site:

Hi, Cynthia,

Thanks for visiting my website and sending your son's photo and your comments. You said; "One thought is that my son has enough toys to fill about 50 of those kids furniture storage gizmos. I would like your toy cabinet more if there were more than just 4 small compartments. Even if I put 50% of his toys away I'd need a lot more room."

Small boy with Harley-Davidson

Well if you want to store his Harley-Davidson I don't think I can build one where it fits. When he is older he might find one useful for keeping track of spare parts.

More seriously, child psychologists have noticed a couple of things worth thinking about concerning "about 50 of those containers [of toys]":

1. There is a problem when toys are piled on top of each other in a box or toy chest. The child starts "looking for gold at the end of the rainbow". Once started, even if they find an interesting toy, they still go all the way to the bottom hoping to find something really exciting.

2. When the child does get to the bottom of most kids furniture it ends up being frustrating. Instead of something special all they found were these toys they just "threw out". Each one might have been interesting, but the child was caught up in the frenzy of searching and tossing.

3. For whatever toy the child may have finally picked to play with there is a seed of doubt. How could they be sure they made the best choice? (Did you ever go to a restaurant with 100 items on the menu? Even if you took the time to read them all you can never be sure you made the best choice!)

4. By tossing aside so many toys the child has also created a mess. This will now both be a chore to clean up and a source of conflict with their parents. In addition the discarded toys are now just "clutter" or look as much like a background pattern in the carpet as something to play with.

5. Perhaps the worst is that every time the child "tosses aside" a toy (see item 2, above) it reinforces in their subconscious mind that that toy is not particularly valuable.

We parents and grandparents have inadvertently created the "perfect storm". We've created an environment (toy boxes full of toys) that over time makes sure the child dislikes ALL the toys they have. That is, by giving them lots of practice tossing toys aside each day. Even worse the child now has a shorter attention span for playing with the few toys they actually still like.

Watch your young child closely. Watching my grandson got me started with the need for the One-at-a-time toy chest. Read article about his parents toys. You will notice children actually play with at most 2 or 3 different toys (or toy "sets") in an afternoon. All the others they look at and maybe hold for 5 seconds, then toss aside.

The first step (and perhaps hardest for parents) is to simply get rid of most the toys and clutter. Start your toy storage system by reducing toy clutter RIGHT NOW! If you find any broken toys... throw them away! Then get rid of all the cheap plastic toys. Lock up everything else in a closet, except for 3 or 4 favorite toys. Designate a place (think of it as a "home") for each of the 3 or 4 toys that you do keep out.

It will actually be easier, both physically and psychologically, for your child to put each toy in its "home" in these toy storage cabinets than for them to toss it into a toy box. Read these parenting education articles. Tossing at toy aside degrades it and leaves a bit of worry whether the child can find the toy later.

So, does your household also have WAY TOO MANY TOYS? Here are some quick ideas about avoiding Toy Clutter and getting Children To Pick Up Their Own Toys! Explore this web site and you will find how to keep the house a little more orderly, without too much parental effort.

Of course the One at a time Toy Storage Cabinet as seen in the video would do a lot of things automatically:

  • The child can see each toy.
  • The child makes a conscious selection when getting a toy, thereby valuing that toy.
  • The child is never faced with cleaning up more than one toy before dinner or bedtime.
  • When done playing, each toy has a home.
  • The child can't leave a mess around.

Unfortunately if you keep thinking that your child NEEDS more and more new toys then the Toy Storage Cabinet would soon be buried. Like other pieces of kids furniture it would never really used as intended.

Toy Storage at Savannah Craft Show

Come on down and see us live at the Savannah, Georgia, First Saturday on the River festival during the Summer. You can see many of the One at a Time Toy Storage Cabinet models and try one out. Bring along the kids! Everyone there has a good time. The crowd will already be gathering for Savannah's Saint Patrick's Day blast.

Now that you have some ideas of improvements YOU can apply in your child's playroom, and you WANT a One at a Time toy cabinet right NOW! click here for prices

and where to purchase this amazing toy storage furniture! Remember ground shipping in continental USA is free with every purchase through this web site.

If web sites and craft show visits are too much bother, call Rick on his cell phone 919 279-3045 for an immediate response.

Toy Cabinet with child


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